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Nadine Carina – Nadine Carina (Furious Hooves)

Nadine Carina EP

Musical Content: The five tracks of indie-folk on this cassette aren’t earth-shattering examples of poetry. But they are very enjoyable, if only for Nadine Carina’s voice and the lofi, fuzzy vibe of this home recording. While there are many artists performing music like this, most don’t understand the simplicity of style that captivates the listener. Carina’s songs (two of which are instrumentals) are charming, if not particularly deep, but their lofi aesthetic compliment her wonderful voice.

Melodically and harmonically, “Makes Me Feel Good” is a standout track. Lyrically, it’s a pretty simple tune about a man who “took my heart,” and who “makes me feel good.” There’s nothing wrong with that, but Carina’s music would be far more engaging if her songs were more finely crafted. Then again, this intimate home recording commands the listener’s attention despite the lyrics.


Sound Quality and Package: This EP was recorded at home on Tascam 4-track cassette machine, so don’t expect an audiophile experience. The recording suits the music, and perhaps adds a layer of mystique that would not be present with high fidelity techniques. The C-32 tape is a good quality, normal bias tape from National Audio Company. The entire EP is just shy of the 16-minute side length and is present on both sides of the tape. Artwork is handmade, and my copy included a Mark Aquirre playing card.

Available at Furious Hooves. Limited to 24 copies.

Nadine Carina Cassette


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