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Pirate King – Paul (Null Religion Records)

Pirate King - Paul

Musical Content: Pirate King is Bobby Sharits of the noise band, Mori. This album is dedicated to experimental film artist Paul Sharits. It’s unclear whether Bobby is related (Paul’s New York Times obituary makes reference to a son named Christopher), but judging from the packaging there seems to be a personal connection.

Paul Shartis’ films were of the Structural style, often using flicker effects, looping and multiple projections, producing unsettling, hallucinatory effects on the viewer. For a good example, you can watch his 1976 film, Epileptic Seizure Comparison on Ubuweb.

The music found on Paul is an aural equivalent to its namesake’s films. The first track, “A1,” contains disjarring high frequencies that both lull and unnerve the listener. “Audiophiliac Roses”  closes out the side with a good meditative drone piece that may have been more effective if it were twice as long. It’s only a short respit, since the single song on Side B, “Bliss,” contains some awesome, unforgiving, improvised noise. More background on the artist and his techniques would be welcome, but the absence of that information leaves more to the imagination. Maybe that’s the way it should remain.


Sound Quality and Package: A good quality release that serves the music well. While there is no information on the tape grade, it seems to be a good quality normal bias tape in a clear blue shell and housed in a soft poly case. The home-printed artwork is good, not so clear, but readable and has the requisite DIY feel.

Available at Null Religion Records. Limited to 25 copies.



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