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Rainbow Valley – Tipoftheredgiantbranch (Cave Recordings)

Rainbow Valley - Tipoftheredgiantbranch

Musical Content: What can you say about synth drone music that hasn’t been said already? When it sucks, you know it. When done right, as on Tipoftheredgiantbranch, a reviewer is forced to use those tired cliches to describe such great music. Rainbow Valley’s limited edition tape is everything you want. It builds. It resonates. It’s slow and purposeful.

Sound Quality and Package: Artwork is minimal but effective and pairs well with the music. Insert included contains track titles and credits. Cassette has a clear shell and a label on side one only. It’s hard to figure out what it is unless you have the insert, so don’t lose it. Sound quality is excellent, with very little evidence of tape defects like wow & flutter or excessive hiss.

Released by Cave Recordings. Limited edition of 50 copies.

Rainbow Valley - Tipoftheredgiantbranch Tape


One comment on “Rainbow Valley – Tipoftheredgiantbranch (Cave Recordings)

  1. V0RTEX
    May 26, 2013

    This is really beautiful. Another great review on a stellar blog… 🙂

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