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PLVS VLTRA – Yo Yo Blue (Field Hymns)


Musical Content: Toko Yasuda has had a high profile career (Enon, Blonde Redhead, St. Vincent), so it’s refreshing to hear her experiment on Yo Yo Blue. Unlike her debut as PLVS VLTRA, 2012’s Parthenon, (which features electronic pop songs), this release is mainly comprised of instrumentals, full of various samples, loops and synth passages. This is the sign of a true artist: adding to her musical palette, not repeating herself and building on the ideas she introduced earlier.

That said, there are vocal songs here too. “ちょ-ちょ (with Nico)” and “Falling Slowly” are two incredible songs, worthy of being featured on a single all by themselves. They are not out of place among the instrumentals and their disparate samples. This album has the mood of a dream, floating above and observing a variety of scenes; detached, yet focused. New details emerge on repeated listens. A dense, dreamy album. Yo Yo Blue deserves your attention.


Sound Quality and Package: The tape is pro-dubbed and sounds excellent. No hissy veil to obscure the music, while still retaining the analog sound expected. Nice imprinted shell too. Includes a download card and a collage sticker from Toko.


Available from Field Hymns. Limited to 100 copies. Grab it before it’s gone.


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