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Vejgaard Ambient/Andrew Perry/Dead Wood – Split C58 (A Beard of Snails)


Musical Content: Northern Denmark’s Vejgaard Ambient and Britian’s improv specialists Andrew Perry and Dead Wood have teamed up for this split cassette; essentially two albums on one C58 cassette.

Vejgaard Ambient takes side 1, which is filled with tasty synth atmospheres and the occasional drum groove. The album unfolds nicely… after the introductory beats of “Highways,” we are treated to breathtaking synth washes on “Apple Blossom.” It sucks you right in to the album, where you’ll hear lush tones, noise and resonance, environmental sounds and trippy echos. A solid recording from top to bottom.


Andrew Perry and Dead Wood have improvised some great droney, ambient music. Improvised music requires timing, adaptability and a goal (not necessarily a road map, but you want to know, generally, where you are headed). How one responds to the surprises can make or break a performance. This is an excellent example of a great performance. While the listener has no idea if this recording was planned out to a great degree, it moves from one section to another naturally while sounding very spontaneous.


Sound Quality and Package: This is an excellent sounding, pro-dubbed tape. The tape hiss is near non-existent  (disregarding the noise from source material). A tape of this quality is hard to come by these days. There’s something to be said for letting the professionals do the critical work. Packaging is straight forward, consisting of  a simple black-on-colored paper printing.


The cassette is limited to 52 copies and is available from A Beard of Snails Records.


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