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Morgan Delt – Psychic Death Hole (Inflatable Tapes)


Musical Content: Psychic Death Hole is a psychedelic-rock fan’s wet dream. Lyrics cannot be understood. The bass guitar is mixed more forward than you’d expect. Guitars and keyboards appear and disappear. The indecipherable vocal melodies soar… hell, everything soars. The distorted, dense mix is warm and inviting (as opposed to, say, the distorted mixes we hear from indie rock bands in this Post-Flaming Lips world). There isn’t a bad track on this album.


Sound Quality and Package: High marks for cassette sound quality (though the online stream seems to be a little more clear, which may or not be to your liking). Packaging is nice too: full color cover, probably printed with an inkjet but looks great. The cassette shell is orange, with stickered labels. It’s difficult to read the writing on the sticker, thanks to blue and red text on a dark purple background. All housed in a part clear, part green-tinted case.


The tape is out of print, and a download isn’t available. However, it’s streamable on Morgan Delt’s Bandcamp page. It will be reissued on Trouble In Mind Records soon (hopefully on vinyl). Be sure and grab a copy when it’s released.


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