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What’s Up With Cassette Love?

Hello friends,

Cassette Love took a hiatus in June. It wasn’t planned, but nothing good in life is planned. It’s nice to be back, listening to new music and writing reviews.

Cassette Love is one person, so you can expect these breaks from time to time. There are no plans to give up on this blog in the near future. For now, it’s a blast. But if circumstances change (as they inevitably do), it may go on hiatus or stop completely. That won’t happen soon, rest assured.

There is a backlog of tapes to review. Slowly, they will all be reviewed. Cassette Love received a lot of (great) unsolicited tapes in the mail, which is fantastic. In the future, the onslaught of tapes might become overwhelming. For now, all are welcome.

Some releases are so limited that, by the time a review is posted, the tape is sold out. Hopefully, positive reviews will allow some recordings to be reissued (if not on tape, then CD or vinyl). A lot of these tapes are available to download at reasonable prices. Cassette Love urges you to support these labels and artists. You can always grab some high quality FLAC files and make a cassette of your own.

Cassette Love will interview tape artists, tape labels, art designers and tape collectors (as time permits).

In the meantime, you can still send in your tapes for review. The address is here. New music is always welcome and all tapes will be considered for review on this site.

Thanks for supporting Cassette Love.




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This entry was posted on July 21, 2013 by in News.
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