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Erros Mágicos – Shambhala (Moon Glyph)

erros magicos - cover

Musical Content: Erros Mágicos is a side project from psych-pop outfit Magic Castles. Shambhala is a sunny pop album, bringing to mind everything from Galaxie 500 to Serge Gainsbourg. There’s a kitchen sink feel to these tracks, including flute, field recordings, keyboads, verby vocal harmonies and more to the guitar-rock base. The four tracks take their time in developing, grooving along, a soundtrack for a summer night beach party… or maybe just a nice road trip.

Package and Sound Quality: Moon Glyph consistently releases quality tapes. The cards are printed in full color on quality paper stock. Tape labels are applied to Side A with colors drawn from the cover’s palette. It sounds pro-dubbed… fuller frequencies than most homemade cassette releases contain.

erros magicos tape

Limited to 150 copies and available directly from Moon Glyph.


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