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EYE – Live at Relay (Backroads Recording Company)

eye - live at relay cover

Musical Content: Columbus, Ohio’s psychedelic-prog-metal band, EYE, have released a “live in the studio” performance from 2012 on cassette. Live at Relay demonstrates their range: subtle space-rock, heavy driving metal, improvised soundscapes. Lasting about 39 minutes in total, the tape only has 3 songs. All the tracks were recorded for’s video series, Donewaiting TV. “Usurpers” and “Restorers” show off EYE’s perfect blend of Sabbath, Deep Purple, Hawkwind and Pink Floyd. The lone track on Side 2, “Dream,” is a seemingly improvised soundscape, finding the band exploring their pedals, keyboards and percussive noisemakers.

Packaging and Audio Quality: A pro-dubbed tape featuring full color artwork and shrinkwrapped. This tape sounds really good, showing off the best of the analog medium.

eye live at relay tape

Available from EYE’s Big Cartel store. Limited to 100 copies.


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