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FLORAL – Open Spaces (Purr Tapes)

floral - open spaces cover

Musical Content: Photographer Nathaniel Young (FLORAL) has created quick moving, lightweight IDM beats that are surrounded by short blips of tones and echoey synth washes. IDM has been with us over a decade, and while Open Spaces shares the attitude of, say, MoM’s Idiology, it still sounds fresh. With a million subgenres of electronic music (and new ones appearing on what seems like a monthly basis), it’s good to hear a young talent explore and extend classic genres. Side 2 of the tape takes IDM in an ambient direction and is especially effective.

Packing and Sound Quality: Purr Tapes always has a nice touch when it comes to packaging. Tape includes an individualized fuji-film exposure taken by Young. The tape sounds good. While not pro-dubbed, the fidelity is above normal.

floral - open spaces tape

Purr Tapes usually sell out fast, and this one was no exception. It’s still available as a download from their Bandcamp site.


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