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Aloonaluna / Motion Sickness of Time Travel – split cassette (Constellation Tatsu)

aloonaluna motion sickness cover

Musical Content: Truly one of the most enjoyable and mesmerizing tapes that has made its way to Cassette Love. It’s a twenty five minute split release from two prolific electronic artists.

Side A features three tracks from Aloonaluna, aka Lynn Fister. Her composition technique sounds refined. Rather than improvised ambient music, these songs feel more like “drone pop,” if there is truly such a thing. They are inviting pieces that create rich atmospheres using echo feedback and pitch shifting.

Side B is a twelve minute track from Motion Sickness of Time Travel. Rachel Evans has created a piece that hovers across peaks and valleys, never descending into the depths or floating too far into the atmosphere. It’s a delicate balance, but she pulls it off.

Packaging and Sound Quality: Full color j-card in a standard clear case, while the white tape shell bears minimal markings that denote Side A and B. A simple, classy look. Sound quality is excellent with minimal hiss and no audible distortion.

aloonaluna motion sickness tape

Available from Constellation Tatsu. Edition of 250.


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