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The Non Travellin’ Band – Never Prayed Once (Moon Glyph)

The Non Travellin Band cover

Musical Content: Real rock and roll is played live. Real rock and roll records are recorded live, warts and all. Nothing is more of a disservice to rock and roll as a band emerging from the studio with a perfect recording, void of mistakes and, usually, vibe.

Never Prayed Once, the latest from Madison’s The Non Travellin’ Band, is one of those true rock and roll records that doesn’t sacrifice attitude and atmosphere in pursuit of perfection. Reverb-soaked, psychedelic rock and roll, the way god intended it. Lyrics are obscured, but you get their meaning. Guitar solos scream while drums hold down the groove, never wavering with flashy fills.

Packaging and Sound Quality: As with most Moon Glyph releases, this tape is housed in a heavy full color j-card and clear case. The black cassette shell only has a graphic label on Side A. Sound quality is excellent, without excessive hiss or defects. The cassette format gives the music some compression that keeps things rocking without the ugly digital limiting you’d find on a modern CD.

The Non Travellin Band tape

Available from Moon Glyph. Edition of 150.


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