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Bel Argosy – Let’s Hear It For Bel Argosy (Donkey Town)

bel argosy - let's hear it for cover

Musical Content: New York Punk is a genre like no other: countless bands have brandished guitars and leather jackets over the last forty years. Those who know their place in history (and have a knack for writing good songs) have the most to offer. Bel Argosy’s EP is filled with catchy rock that owes a little to Look Sharp-era Joe Jackson (a Brit who would call New York home), Television and The Ramones. But it’s not all about looking back: “Belle Below Dagger” is slower and sexier than standard punk fare (and is the longest track on the album at 3:16) while “Cloisterfuck” boasts a catchy verse (and hopefully is about sex at The Cloisters… hard to say without the lyrics).

Packaging and Sound Quality: An orange-shelled tape is housed in a clear case with full color artwork. The sound lacks a little low end, but the tape quality itself sounds great without excess hiss or noise.

bel argosy - let's hear it for tape

Available directly from Bel Argosy.


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