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Spectral Park – Spectral Park (Crash Symbols)

spectral park cover

Musical Content: Luke Donovan crams so much information into a song, you’d be forgiven if you thought your tape deck was running fast. It all goes by you quickly, and is gone before you can digest what happened. It gives his psych-pop a slightly demented feel. Donovan was not in the happiest time of his life when writing this album, but you’d never guess that from the melodies and bombastic music. Therein lies the beautiful conundrum of this album: is he celebrating or avoiding the pain? Either way, it seems cathartic and highly listenable.

Packaging and Sound Quality: The pro-dubbed tape comes in a red shell and sounds great. The red/white checkerboard visual motif on the cover is also featured on the shell imprint, which is a nice touch.

Spectral Park tape

Available from Crash Symbols. Limited to 100 copies.


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