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Bare Pale – If It Is (Rok Lok Records)

bare pale - if it is

Musical Content: London’s Bare Pale have offered up a consistent blend of verbed-out lofi noise rock, like a toned-down Jesus & Marychain or early MBV. Everything seems distant and detached. Unfortunately, that means the lyrics are imperceptible, robbing the EP of any intimacy with the audience. It’s still a good album, but you’ll find yourself enjoying the sonics instead of singing along. Hopefully, the next release will reveal some lyrical depth to accompany the quality music.

Packaging and Sound Quality: The artwork matches the sound of the music: a slightly fuzzy reproduction on a matte paper (and that’s a compliment, not a criticism). The tape sounds good, reproducing the lofi music with minimal hiss.

bare pale if it is tape

The cassette, limited to 100 copies, is available from Rok Lok Records.


One comment on “Bare Pale – If It Is (Rok Lok Records)

  1. Reminds me of some of Sam Ray’s work, especially Teen Suicide.

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