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White Poppy – Drifters Gold (Constellation Tatsu)

white poppy drifers gold cover

Musical Content: Crystal Dorval’s White Poppy released an EP back in July, and it’s a shame that Cassette Love didn’t review it sooner. Drifters Gold contains ambient headspaces, shoegaze guitars and ambiguous vocals. The insert proclaims that it’s influenced by the Summer, but just because Summer has passed doesn’t mean it’s any less effective. This will be in rotation throughout the year on many cassette decks.

The guitar work is especially seductive. Picking up where Robin Guthrie left off so many years ago, the stacked guitar tracks are harmonically intricate, if somewhat repetitive in nature.  They are layered with textures of echo and reverb, gently mixing with intensely quiet vocal tracks. Headphones are a must.

Packaging and Sound Quality: The full color J-card contains artwork from Dorval with minimal credits. The recording itself is mostly responsible for the hiss heard at times, but it’s not excessive and not present between songs. The cassette reproduction itself sounds excellent.

white poppy drifers gold tape

Available from Constellation Tatsu.


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