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Shamans – Carbon Dating (808 New York Tapes)

shamans carbon dating cover

Musical Content: One part Minutemen and one part Ben Folds Five, the Kansas trio Shamans released their EP, Carbon Dating, back in 2005. 808 New York Tapes have reissued it on cassette, along with five bonus tracks. It’s a punchy and immediate recording, recreating the sound of a rock and roll band with energy and few frills. Tracks like “Big Mama’s Quick Game” and “Slidey Song” show off the bands’ shifting riffs and styles, while “Kevin’s Song” has a juvenile but irresistible shout-along chorus.

Packaging and Sound Quality: The album is well-recorded and clear to begin with, so the pro-dubbed tape sounds excellent cranked up on a decent stereo system. 808 New York’s faux DIY aesthetic has a certain charm: the  J-Card and tape shell are all printed black on white.

shamans carbon dating tape

Available from 808 New York Tapes, limited to 100 copies.



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