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Bonnaventure James ​/​ ​Sleepyhead – Split Cassette (Self Release)

bonnaventure james sleepyhead cover

Musical Content: This split cassette from Alberta’s Sleepyhead and Bonnaventure James first came out in 2010, and was reissued this past summer. Consisting of lofi electronica, the tape is a fun listen, even if neither side is a monumental recording.

Bonnaventure James starts his side with “Astronaut Girlfriend, Pt. 2.” This is probably the weakest song from his portion, thanks in part to the overly cute lyrics. But musically, James delivers creative synth sounds, especially on tracks like “Timesteps” and “People Forget.” His next release, last year’s buena aventura, offers a mature style and slightly more polished production than what is found here.

Sleepyhead focuses more on dance genres, but at times suffers from the same lyrical failings. Overall, the production is more polished, and there is a greater sense of identity. The highlights are “Machines Beneath the Sidewalk” and “Fuck in the Woods” (featuring Emily of Silver Dapple on vocals), while the three instrumentals each build on field recordings, delays and good old-fashioned noise.

Packaging and Sound Quality: The sound quality is good, while the packaging is very DIY.  A black and white copied cover is housed in a translucent green case. The black shell of the cassette has sides labeled with silver marker.

Available from Bonnaventure James’ Bandcamp site.


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