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SK Kakraba Band – SK Kakraba Band (Holy Page)

SK Kakraba Band Cover

Musical Content: SK Kakraba is the son of world-renowned master xylophonist Kakraba Lobi. Now living and performing in Los Angeles, he plays the Ghanaian Gyil Xylophone, while accompanied by bass, drums, guitar and keyboard. The band is extremely tight, bouncing rhythms off each other while maintaining an indestructible groove.

In the most basic terms, the sound of the Gyil is considered the “vibration of water that physically balances the water in the bodies of humans and animals.” It’s appropriate that Kakraba flows around the accompanying instruments, and sometimes locks in to compliment and build harmonically. It’s serious dance music. One of the best tapes released this year.

Packaging and Sound Quality: As with most releases from Holy Page, the tape’s full color artwork is an excellent complement to the music it contains. An unlabeled, green-shell cassette contains the album’s three tracks on both sides. Sound quality is excellent.

sk kakraba band tape

Available from Holy Page Records. Limited to 300 copies, and includes download code.


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