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The Spineriders – Hello Future Tinglies (Misra Records/Aquabear Legion)

spineriders hello future tinglies cover

Musical Content: When approaching Hello Future Tinglies, it’s best to separate the album from the rest of Jason Molina’s work. The album, after all, consists of music made by his high school punk band in 1991. Molina, who would go on to great critical acclaim recording under the name Songs:Ohia, and later The Magnolia Electric Company, doesn’t sing on this album and there’s no evidence that he wrote any of the lyrics. We must simply put it in the context of his musical development, nothing more. When he passed away earlier this year, we lost one of our most profound and prolific contemporary songwriters. The Spineriders were that awkward early stage, and that’s why it’s such a great listen.

Molina described the band to as a “weird cross between the classic rock of AC/DC or Sabbath, and the Butthole Surfers.” This is evident, especially in the slow instrumentals. It’s like two different bands, really. Typical high school punk songs with shouted lyrics, interspersed with instrumentals that allow the band to stretch into different styles. In a way, this is what high school naivete is all about: testing the waters, seeing what you can do.

Packaging and Sound Quality: The original recording was made in a professional recording studio, and this pro-dubbed tape recreates it very well. No complaints about sound quality here. The tape shell is translucent blue and the full color j-card features all song titles, credits and archival photos of the band.

spineriders tape

The tape is available from Misra Records, and limited to 300 copies. Download card included. All proceeds benefit the Musicians Emergency Medical Association.


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