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Shivering Window – Dare to Be Nothing (Juniper Tree Songs)

shivering window cover

Musical Content: A collection of unassuming bedroom rock. Recorded on a 4-track with guitars and drum machines (most likely, there  are no credits), the latest from Shivering Window is a haunting collection. Like a cross between early 90s Sebadoh and Unrest, the album unfolds with rhythmic guitars and crafty pop melodies. Their self-described “Ghost Grunge” style is fitting, as the songs are haunting and apathetic. Dare to Be Nothing seems to reflect a modern disillusionment with technology, media and politics. A soundtrack for 2013.

Packaging and Sound Quality: The pro-dubbed C-40 tape reproduces the original 4-track recording seemingly without much additional hiss. The color J-Card features arresting cover artwork, accompanied by a matching blue-shelled tape.

shivering window tape

Cassette available from Juniper Tree Songs.


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