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The Kendal Mintcakes – Insignificant Digits (Big Sleep Records)

kendal mintcakes cover

Musical Content: Insignificant Digits is a schizo release from TKM. Side A hits you with a freakout of vintage XDR cassette tones, filtered, delayed and mangled, then quickly leads to a somber piano piece titled “Three (For My Family).” It’s a meditation, in a way, slowly relaxing the listener into melancholia. Low woodwinds and strings (samples?) pick out long tones, intervals randomly colliding. Side B has two tracks consisting of simple pop minimalism. A programmed drum and synth, repeating and slowly changing for the length of the 10 minute track. Finally, “Three” begins with a hopeful piano progression, joined by additional keyboards, and lulls you back to reality as the tape ends. Beautifully paced and elegantly sequenced, Insignificant Digits revels in mixed musical messages.

Packaging and Sound Quality: Full color J-card with full credits inside. The tape sounds full with very little in the way of hiss or other defects.

kendal mintcakes tape

The limited edition tape is available directly from The Kendal Mintcakes.


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