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Harsh Vibes – Dead Collective Soul (Dirty Pillow Records)

harsh vibes cover

Musical Content: Philadelphia’s Harsh Vibes has released a great psych rock album with Dead Collective Soul. The tape never lets up. If you like your Dungen or Tame Impala with crunchier guitars, this might be the tape for you. The highlight, “Jam Forever,” begins with a catchy tune and soon lives up to its name, at times invoking Stereolab’s krautrock rhythm section (a good stoner rock album should always have a solid drum and bass component to offset the wah wahs and delays). The twelve-minute track kicks in during the last couple minutes and it’s glorious.

Packaging and Sound Quality: The sound is phenomenal: well recorded music, great sounding guitars. It’s an excellent tape to demonstrate the analog format; just crank it up and rock out. Produbbed tape with a full color J-Card and a simple white tape shell.

harsh vibes tape

Edition of 100 tapes, available from Dirty Pillows.


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