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Hassni Malik & Nicholas Langley – Music By (Third Kind Records)

hassni malik nicholas langley cover

Musical Content: Homemade synths are the main instruments on this album from members of The Vitamin B12. The sounds hover, fade in and out through static, shimmer, modulate and distort. At times, voices are barely audible in the mix. The three tracks are excerpts from improvisations,  each developing slowly from quiet seeds. They grow into glorious noise workouts. It’s an engaging, hour-long listen.

Packaging and Sound Quality: Very creative packaging: a green C60 cassette, packaged in a metallic-coloured anti-static bag, containing electrical components and three Moebius trading cards and sealed with a lilac sticker that is stamped with an old Kuwaiti postage stamp and postmarked with the release date.

hassni malik nicholas langley tape

The tape is now out of print, but available as a download from Third Kind Records.


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