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Jared Funk – 4/10 (Null Religion Records)

jared funk 4-10

Musical Content: Jared Funk’s field recordings are primitively presented. On “Bedroom Hysterics,” the individual sounds rapidly fly by, book-ended by the low chirps of a tape recorder set to pause. It’s as if he just walked around his house, making sounds from whatever was available: door creaks, guitars and perhaps the literal kitchen sink. While individually they are mundane, everyday sounds, taken as a whole they are like a documentary that employs hundreds of jump cuts. We see glimpses into a highly edited personal world. “Frogs” is a fairly straight-forward field recording, while “A Walk to Remember” continues the quick-fire, real-time editing heard on the first track, but this time in an outside environment (cars drive by, the sound of feet walking through leaves, and whatever else he encountered on his journey).

These are raw recordings. It would be interesting to hear this material reused or remixed in a different kind of piece. Meanwhile “4/10” celebrates the beauty of the mundane, which is a good thing.

Packaging and Sound Quality: The clear C35 cassette is housed in a polycase and dropped into a ziplock bag that includes torn artwork and bits of nature. The dynamic field recordings are reproduced faithfully.

Limited to 25 copies and available from Null Religion Records.


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