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Crazed – “who is crazed” (Baby in a Meat Grinder Records)

who is crazed cover

Musical Content: Crazed’s tape employs some intense circuit bending, yet it’s not just a noisefest. Tracks like “Sunday Lazed” is made up of a lofi drum loop with blasts of rhythmic noise. “Crush Skull Excavation” utilizes a nicely bent rhythm alongside distorted tones which slowly shifts into a groove over the course of the 9 minute piece. The title track includes some spacier processed sine waves, punctuated by a slightly askew rhythm that is quickly tranformed into a rumbling, dramatic conclusion. As an album, “who is crazed” may not be composed, but there is development and conclusion within each piece. It’s a mature work that will easily stand up to repeated listens.

Packaging and Sound Quality: Overall, the artwork is nicely spare. The tape sounds good, and plays without much hiss or unintended distortion.

Available for download from Crazed’s Bandcamp site. A link to purchase the tape currently cannot be found. Cassette Love will update this review if and when one is found.


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