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Ligaments / Squanto – Split Cassette (Lily Tapes & Discs)

Ligaments & Squanto Tape

Musical Content: Squanto is the Yin to Ligament’s Yang. On this split release, each artist delivers a 30 minute track that, while different, compliment each other perfectly.

Ligament’s “Shikohin & Forgetting” strikes many moods, but primarily focuses on rhythm. You’ll find few melodies here, yet the track shifts from ambiance to groove organically. Grayson Cowing has a knowledgeable command of electronic music, drifting between styles without sounding cheap or coy. The beats are mature and wide-ranging, progressing and mutating but always serving the piece as a whole.

Squanto’s “Live Outside Syracuse” is a fine follow-up to last year’s A Gift + A Favor. While the previous release centered around Ben Lovell’s songcraft (albeit with an ambient feel), this track is straight-up drone. The development is slow and intense. Lovell likes to create music that evokes a time and place, and “Live Outside Syracuse” was recorded “during a late night bus ride.” It’s no coincidence that the track has a solitary feel, yet moves along at a steady pace. Squanto’s music can be described as abstract, but it’s extremely personal, which is an important ingredient missing in all kinds of modern music, not just ambient.

Packaging and Sound Quality: The green-shell tape is housed in a Stumptown Printers “Brad Pak” with artwork designed and printed by Jeremy Ferris. The sound quality of this pro-dubbed chrome cassette is excellent.

Ligaments & Squanto Cover

Available Lily Tapes & Discs, limited to 50 copies.


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