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Uaxyacac – Double Seeker (Port Vanderlay)

uaxyacac double seeker cover

Musical Content: Double Seeker fits right into the post-punk/goth world of 1980. It’s like Peter Murphy had made Bauhaus records on a laptop. The project of Canadian Nick Smith, Uaxyacac isn’t just a throwback. These songs of heartbreak aren’t as detached as that previous era. Rather than isolation, Smith sounds connected to the world when he sings lines like, “Where have you gone, you who I’ve known for so long?” (on “In Need of Your Love”). The beats are well crafted, the guitar, at times, chaotic and intense. There’s a lot of heart where you least expect it.

Packaging and Sound Quality: The C31 cassette is home dubbed and sounds really good. The art design is exceptional and simple.

uaxyacac double seeker tape

Limited to 60 copies and available from Port Vanderlay.


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