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Lionel O – Mama Said Knock Me Out (Golden Beast Records)

Lionel O - Mama Said Knock Me Out cover

Musical Content: “My Mom has insomnia, so I made this album to help her fall asleep,” says Lionel O. in the liner notes for his tape, Mama Said Knock Me Out. While you might stereotype this as boring ambient from that description, the music is anything but. Inspired by Eno and Basinski, the pace is slow, never quite hitting peaks. But obviously, that’s the point. There are no obvious reference points; the sounds are unique, not generic synth presets. There is a cool detachment to this music. It avoids cliché with an awareness of what it is, which isn’t “new age” or massage music.

Packaging and Sound Quality: Spare, simple packaging for this cassette. Good design is good design.  The j-card is a standard color copy. Sound quality is excellent, with minimal hiss behind the sparse music.

Lionel O - Mama Said Knock Me Out tape

Only 100 copies are available from Golden Beat Records.


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