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Monzie Leo & The Big Sky – Monzie Leo & The Big Sky (808 New York Tapes)

Monzie Leo & The Big Sky Cover

Musical Content: Like a rusted freight car plowing down the tracks and derailing somewhere in Appalachia, Monzie Leo & The Big Sky bring an experience of raw folk machinery. The track “Catholic Skank” shows off how well primal rhythm can drive harder than any punk anthem. Combining jangling acoustic guitar stomp and whisky-ridden choir shouts, the over-all effort makes its impression solid. There is no doubt where these boys are coming from. The more subtle efforts like “That’s My Moon” evoke barn-dance romance and genuine sympathy for the protagonist. The contents of that derailed old freight car spilled out on a rural cabin porch and decided to have a party. You should go.

Packaging and Sound Quality: A standard cassette case holds the card artwork which is the perfect visual accompaniment to the recording. The cassette itself is an opaque blue with white lettering. Sound quality is via ambient miking; perhaps only one room mic. Though this makes the lyrics difficult to define at times, it highlights the effect of blended levels and brings the drama back to vocal performance. The shouts ARE shouts and the minimalism is used to good effect


Available now from 808 New York Tapes.


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