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Germany Army – Barrineans (Lava Church)

German Army Barrineans Cover

Musical Content: German Army’s Barrineans is intense, dense and distorted. The samples, beats and synths buzzingly mesh together into a compressed muck of synthy goodness. Vocals, mostly spoken word, are slowed down, echoed and generally obscured. It’s ominous, picking up on Eno and Byrne’s My Life in the Bush of Ghosts and its dark commentary on modern communication. But it’s no rip off. The album is of it’s time, just as Ghosts reflected the growing complications of the late 70s.

Packaging and Sound Quality: The tape level, at times, is overly saturated. That could be intentional, but it would introduce analog distortions not present in the digital version. It works, but a lower recording level would probably highlight the album’s dynamics and tonality better. The tape itself comes in a clear shell, with a 1-sided color j-card.

German Army Barrineans Tape

The tape is sold out, but available for digital download from Lava Church.


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