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Giving Up/Sara Lee – Split Cassette (Sophomore Lounge Records)

Musical Content: Giving Up and Sara Lee co-released a cassette which grants each artist a side to feature a few songs. Though a great idea for label mates to get … Continue reading

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Monzie Leo & The Big Sky – Monzie Leo & The Big Sky (808 New York Tapes)

Musical Content: Like a rusted freight car plowing down the tracks and derailing somewhere in Appalachia, Monzie Leo & The Big Sky bring an experience of raw folk machinery. The track … Continue reading

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Lionel O – Mama Said Knock Me Out (Golden Beast Records)

Musical Content: “My Mom has insomnia, so I made this album to help her fall asleep,” says Lionel O. in the liner notes for his tape, Mama Said Knock Me … Continue reading

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Uaxyacac – Double Seeker (Port Vanderlay)

Musical Content: Double Seeker fits right into the post-punk/goth world of 1980. It’s like Peter Murphy had made Bauhaus records on a laptop. The project of Canadian Nick Smith, Uaxyacac … Continue reading

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Wrong Signals – However, The Joke Became Serious (Third Kind Records)

Musical Content: The music on However, The Joke Became Serious is an intense psychedelic synth ride, as if Delia Derbyshire dropped a tab and improvised drones for hours. The tones are rich … Continue reading

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Ligaments / Squanto – Split Cassette (Lily Tapes & Discs)

Musical Content: Squanto is the Yin to Ligament’s Yang. On this split release, each artist delivers a 30 minute track that, while different, compliment each other perfectly. Ligament’s “Shikohin & … Continue reading

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The Return of Cassette Love

Cassette Love has been on hiatus since December 2013, but is ready to return the first week in March of 2014 (next week!). We are (or rather, I am) happy … Continue reading

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